10 Great Local Beer Brands Of Amsterdam

…and it’s not Grolsch, Amstel or Heineken.

Heineken, Amstel, Grolsch — when you come to Amsterdam it’s hard to resist all these dazzling signs on local bars and pubs. Fortunately, Dutch people really love beers, that’s why the choice of local beers in Amsterdam is huge. Discover more breweries (in Dutch we call it brouwerij) and find the one that hits your buttons!

1. Oedipus (2009)


Brewery and taproom located in Amsterdam Noord.

Why? These guys  strive to bring quality beer, music, food and art together with great people. They seek inspiration and want to share that with all of you, by gathering other creatives and artisans together in a laid back, enjoyable atmosphere.

All tastings include a brewery tour. Basic tasting for 8 people starts from €170 and includes 5 beers. Take a look at variety of beers here.

Website oedipus.com
Address Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85
1021 KP Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Noord

De Prael

2. De Prael (2002)

Brewery and pub, Dutch cuisine, tastings and tours. The famous brewery is located in a historical building downtown.

Why? ‘I worked in psychiatry for years and also brewed my own beer for years. These two passions have come together here,’ – Fer Kok, co-founder of De Prael. Sounds intriguing!

Brewery tours start from €8,50 per person, tastings – from €10 (including 4 beers). Take a look at variety of beers here.

Website deprael.nl
Address Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30
1012 GD Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Centrum

Brouwerij 't IJ

3. Brouwerij ‘t IJ (1985)

Brewery and pub inside of classic windmill and old bathhouse.

Why? ‘Due to a number of negative experiences, it is, unfortunately, no longer possible to book a tour as a bachelor party with us’ – taken from their website. These guys know how to have fun!

Brewery tours start from €4,5 (including 1 beer). Take a look at variety of beers here.

Website brouwerijhetij.nl
Address Funenkade 7 1018AL Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Zeeburg

Amsterdam Brewboys

4. Amsterdam Brewboys (2014)

Amsterdam-based micro-craft brewery.

Why? Craft Beer + Young Creatives = Amsterdam Brewboys!

Take a look at variety of beers here. Check out the locations where you can find Amsterdam Brewboys beers.

Website amsterdambrewboys.nl

Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen

5. Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen (2013)

‘Gebrouwen door vrouwen’ in Dutch literally means ‘brewed by women’.

Why? Brewed by women!

Take a look at variety of beers here. Check out the locations where you can find Gebrouwen door Vrouwen beers.

Website gebrouwendoorvrouwen.nl

Two Chefs Brewing

6. Two Chefs Brewing (2012)

Amsterdam-based Crafty Beer Brewers.

Why? These guys are dedicated to brewing beers that are made while laughing, enjoying tunes and having a great time.

Take a look at variety of beers here. Check out the locations where you can find Two Chefs Brewing beers.

Website twochefsbrewing.com

Butcher's Tears

7. Butcher’s tears (2013)

Brewery and tasting room that stands out.

Why? The brewery is located wall to wall with the proeflokaal: a place where art, science and magic work together upon the four elements to create the liquid in which joy and madness dwells.

Take a look at the variety of beers and arrange a tasting for your fav people in the taproom (from Wednesday to Sunday).

Website butchers-tears.com
Address Karperweg 45
1075LB Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Oud-Zuid


8. Pampus (2012)

Hip brewery without a website.

Why? Pampus is representative for Amsterdam: it’s international, experimental and young.

Discover more information about new types of beer and upcoming events on Pampus facebook page.

Website facebook.nl/BrouwerijPampus

Brouwerij Kleiburg

9. Brouwerij Kleiburg (2014)

Monastery beer from the Bijlmer.

Why? Brewery Kleiburg is an initiative of the Clay Monastery, which opened its doors recently in Kleiburg. Clay Monastery is a place for contemplation and hospitality in the Bijlmer, inspired by ancient monastic traditions.

Website brouwerijkleiburg.nl
Address Kleiburg 29 1104 EA Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Zuid-Oost

De 7 Deugden

10. De 7 Deugden (2010)

Brewery and tasting room in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Why? The microbrewery offers a variety of activities for groups, like beer and cheese tasting.

Take a look at the variety of beers hereTastings start from €5 per person (including 3 beers), tours start from  €5 per person.

Website de7deugden.nl
Address Osdorperweg 578
1067 Amsterdam
Neigbourhood Nieuw-West





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