14 Dutch Gifts For Him Under €50

Dutch goods that makes his life better.

Spoil your fav men this Christmas! Fathers, brothers, buddies, colleagues and beloved ones – they deserve the best of the best, so we wrapped the great gift ideas and affordable presents in one handy guide. Say yes to Dutch goods!

#1 Take care of his beard

Let’s face it girls, that rough, not-so-pleasant-feeling, but awesome looking beard or moustache isn’t going anywhere.  The only thing left to do, is to cherish his facial nest of awesomeness with balms, soaps, oils and conditioners. So we found two of the best Dutch brands on offer with cosmetics for real men. Natural ingredients, neutral smell, simplicity (men love it!) and convenience – what more could our lovely hairy creatures possibly want? Wrap it in some rough paper and pine branches – and you’re done!

onsmannen-1 keychain-1
ONSMANNEN Royal beard oil, 50 ml, €34,95 DAMN GOOD Keychain Wax, €29,50

  #2 Pimp his bike

He has a bike? Awesome! This means, you have plenty of opportunities to make it even more classy and functional. Distinguish his bike from many others by a coloured seat. Secretly burn his creepy bike bag and replace it with a beautiful oak crate (with a cup holder!). Or give him a new bamboo rack. Or – this is really something! – a wine carrier! Life is beautiful when your bike is beautiful as well.

heerzadel-1 cycle-1
HEER ZADEL Red bicycle seat, €35 CYCLE CRATE Omm Oak Bicycle Crate, €49
veloretti-1 bamboo-1
VELORETTI Leather wine carrier, €33,50 BAMBOO GROOVE Bicycle rack, €49,95

 #3 Keep him warm

Baby, it’s cold outside! Take the baton of his grandma and keep him warm with nice beanie, scarf or mittens. Surprise him with a warm gift knitted by a real Dutch granny!

grannys-muts-1 grannys-1
GRANNY’S FINEST Beanie hat, €44,95 GRANNY’S FINEST Snood, €49,95

 #4 Define his style

Give him something that speaks to his lifestyle and fashion choices. Is he classy and creative? Choose a stylish hat from Dutch creative agency. Is he brave and living-on-the-edge one? Choose a statement bracelet made from Dutch ship ropes.

venour-1 pig-en-hen-1
VENOUR Black hat, €50 PIG&HEN Salty Steve bracelet, €49,95

 #5 Recall his dream

Adults are happen to be too serious sometimes. Rushing and running, we forget about sacred dreams, and it’s good when somebody remind us about them. It doesn’t matter if he dreams about space exploration or spontaneous vacations on the beach, be the person who keeps this dream alive !

alfredo-gonzales-1 studio-roof-1
ALFREDO GONZALES Socks, The Beach box, €45 STUDIO ROOF Rocket, €49,95

 #6 Provide him with basics

Even the smartest men think that basics like socks, t-shirts and boxers appear in their wardrobe miraculously. Being a good Santa means to keep the cruel reality in secret and to give these basics as a Christmas gift. If you want to double the amount of presents, choose Dutch apparel brand 4530: with every purchase it gives a new t-shirt to Dutch man in need. Share the happiness!

4530-1 adam-1
4530 Ruben t-shirt, €39,95 A-DAM UNDERWEAR Gerlach boxers, €22,50

 #7 Support his culinary talent

And the last, but not least. If he happens to cook, stimulate the progress with proper Christmas gifts. Box of socks which reminds about delicious breakfast, or cutting board made from felled Amsterdam tree – lure him to the kitchen and enjoy his chefing with a glass of wine. Good job!

ag-1 stadsplank-1
ALFREDO GONZALES Socks, The Breakfast box, €45 STADSPLANK Cutting board 20×30 cm, €45

Did we miss something? Should it definitely be in the list? Leave a comment below!

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