14 ‘shoe-fitting’ gifts: ideas for Sinterklaas

…little presents that fit the shoes perfectly!

Be not afraid! If you’re a bit bewildered by the looming presence of the Sinterklaasfeest… All these talks about shoes, Black Piets, chimneys, children being abducted back to Spain etc… And you’re not quite sure what you supposed to do with all this… Worry no longer, because we have the perfect list for you to impress your Dutch friends as if you’ve been doing this for years!

So basically all the festivities are about the 5th of December, when all the Dutch families gather together. Because they know: on that night Sinterklaas and his Piets will somehow break into their houses and, instead of taking the TV, they are expected to leave a big bag of gifts. Each one with a nice poem on it, intended to be read aloud in front of the whole family. And as Sinterklaas knows everybody’s secrets, this is always an awkward yet funny experience. In this particular night the Dutch bluntness and humour can be experienced in its full glory.

So how does the ‘shoe thing‘ fit in? Well, for several days, sort of as a warm-up for the festivities of the 5th. At night, people like to secretly stuff each others shoes with small, but thoughtful gifts. Here is the Dutch guide to what to stuff your friends’ shoes with in a really cool way:


Shoe-size Sinterklaas gifts | Authentic Dutch Brands

1. G-star Boots, €199,95 | 2. VL92 Gin&Tonic kit, €10 | 3. Damn Good Solid cologne, €19,95 | 4. OnsMannen Beard oil, €16,95

Shoe-size Sinterklaas gifts | Authentic Dutch Brands

1. Scotch&Soda Velvet loafers, €79,95 | 2. Original beans Femmes de Virunga chocolate bar, €3,95 | 3. Studio Roof Pop out card, €4,95 | 4. Lemon Poppy Çaj Mali tea, €2,95

Shoe-size Sinterklaas gifts | Authentic Dutch Brands

1. Filling pieces Low top neo laced sneakers, €240 | 2. A-dam underwear Antoon boxers, €22,95 | 3. Two chefs brewing Kinky Koos beer, €varies| 4. Stooker Sierra Morena espresso, €6,25

Shoe-size Sinterklaas gifts | Authentic Dutch Brands

1. Supertrash Farah boots, €169,95 | 2. Kiyoko lip balm, €12,50 | 3. Marie-Stella-Maris shea butter, €24 | 4. E:mist atmosfär body&room mist, €24,95

Shoe-size Sinterklaas gifts | Authentic Dutch Brands

1. ETQ Mid2 rubberized porto sneakers, €275 | 2. The Cool club play cards, €7 | 3. Alfredo Gonzales Iwan Smit socks, €12




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