20 Dutch Gifts For Her Up To €50

Authentic Dutch goods she will definitely fall-in-love with!

 #1 Homewear and lingerie

… because fancy lingerie is a secret weapon that increases her confidence to 80 lvl.

LoveStories LoveStories
LOVESTORIES  Printed silky shorts, €50 >> LOVESTORIES  Shelby briefs, €30 >>

#2 Shiny accessories and jewelry

… because it’s easy to make her shine bright like a diamond, even without diamonds involved.

LoveStories Ivy&Liv
LOVESTORIES Champagne Brooch, €15 >> IVY&LIV Daria Pyramid Ring, €50 >>

#3 Stylish bad weather protectors

… because she needs someone (or something) who will take care of her when it sucks outside.

Senz umbrella Granny's Finest
SENZ Storm umbrella, from €29,95 >> GRANNY’S FINEST Joke Beanie, €44,95 >>

#4 Hip beauty essentials

… because these bunches of chemicals are extremely attractive and tantalizing.

Marie-Stella-Maris Ellis Faas
MARIE-STELLA-MARIS Body Scrub, €39 >> ELLIS FAAS Red lipstick, €27 >>

#5 Fancy tea and coffee

… because she likes to start her day with a cup of something, that smells and looks good.

 Lemon Poppy  Stooker
LEMON POPPY Çaj Mali mountain tea, €14,95 >> STOOKER Coffee blend, from €6,50 >>

#6 Delicious Dutch chocolates

… because everybody loves chocolate, c’mon! Here is the list of Dutch brands.

Tony's Chocolonely Urban Cacao
TONY CHOCOLONELY 35 chocolate bars, €44,45 >> URBAN CACAO Chocolate, from €4,85 >>

#7 Smart planners and notebooks

… because she needs a safe space to write down her dreams and plans for conquering the Universe.

Els&Nel  16
ELS&NEL Weekly Journal 2016, €29 >> PILLAH Notebook A5 flamingo, €5,95 >>

#8 Sunny home accessories

… because she needs to see something nice as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

Dutch Design Brand StoryTiles
DUTCH DESIGN BRAND Chair, €19,95 >> STORYTILES  Llama love, from €25 >>

 #9 Motto embroidery and posters

… because she needs a good phrase to create a positive affirmation (wtf is that? never mind).

 AMANICMONDAY  Crisp sheets
A MANIC MONDAY Framed cross stitch, €30 >> CRISP SHEETS Poster, €19,95 >>

#10 Long living plants and trees

… because she can spend more time with somebody who really needs her love and care.

 Studio ROOF  18
STUDIO ROOF Totem Dream Tree, €34,95 >> WE SMELL THE RAIN Kokedama, €45 >>

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