5 Dutch underwear brands to remember

Guide to underwear brands | What to buy?
After the first visit to Amsterdam (and its sex shops) the phrase ‘Dutch underwear’ gave me the false idea of strappy, low quality lingerie which consists of holes mostly. Fortunately, it’s so far from reality that I decided to share with you what cool Dutch underwear looks like. Be not afraid to open this article in your office!

Love Stories


Love stories intimates| 5 Dutch Underwear Brands | Authentic Dutch Brands Guide

For starters, Dutch girls loooove it! Love Stories lingerie is sassy, comfortable, funny, sexy and can also be described as an ‘imperfect match’. It appeals to women who are looking for comfortable lingerie that can be styled and worn with ease. Love Stories is inspired by travelling the world, filmography and literature. Sounds good, huh? You can find it in the official boutiques all over the world, in some concept and department stores and, of course, you can order it online.
  • LOVE STORIES Love Lace bralette €60
    LOVE STORIES Love Lace bralette €60
Sizes XS-L, 1-4 (women) | International shipping available | Read more about Love Stories

La Maison Nouvelle


La Maison Nouvelle | 5 Dutch Underwear Brands | Authentic Dutch Brands Guide

La Maison Nouvelle is a chic, yet comfortable lingerie from Amersfoort based atelier. Customise your lingerie online and get it tailored and delivered to your door! It’s easy like 1-2-3: select your favorite model, add some lace, strapping and colors and type your measurements. After that La Maison Nouvelle tailors will start making your order and it will be delivered to you in 2 weeks! And if you are looking for ready-to-wear set, check the list of retailers.
  • LA MAISON NOUVELLE Clair de lune panties €59
    LA MAISON NOUVELLE Clair de lune panties €59
Sizes 65AA-80C, XS-L (women) | International shipping available | Read more about LMN



Muchachomalo | 5 Dutch Underwear Brands | Authentic Dutch Brands Guide

Muchachomalo is Spanish for ‘Bad Boy’, so you kinda get the idea🙃 The brand is aimed at the tough guy who enjoys life and wearing its own identity. The collection is not only for men but also available for boys, ladies and girls. All the designs are created in collaboration with young talented artists, so nobody ever would call your underwear boring.  If you’ve been to Amsterdam, you probably saw the colorful windows of Muchachomalo concept store next to the Dam Square. Check the assortment there or place your order in the official online store.
  • MUCHACHOMALO Dive 2-pack shorts €46,95
    MUCHACHOMALO Dive 2-pack shorts €46,95

Sizes S-XXL (men), S-XL (women) | International shipping available

Ohio Bear


Ohio Bear | 5 Dutch Underwear Brands | Authentic Dutch Brands Guide

Now it’s official: ladies, feel free to borrow your boyfriend’s underwear, cause it fantastically comfortable (proven by ADB girls’ test). Ohio bear offers high quality boxers which won’t cost you a fortune. Designs are so cool that boxers can literally be part of your image! At least at home, where you and your bae can easily wear matching outfits. Find Ohio bear in the offline shops or you can order it online.
  • OHIO BEAR Lester Diamond boxershort €16,95
    OHIO BEAR Lester Diamond boxershort €16,95
Sizes S-XL (men) | International shipping available

A-dam Underwear


A-dam Underwear | 5 Dutch Underwear Brands | Authentic Dutch Brands Guide

Boxers from Amsterdam for men with character, empowered with slogan ‘If you’ve got balls’. A-dam Underwear is famous for it’s guerrilla marketing and events like The World Cup Horse Boarding. All the hype and fun shouldn’t divert your attention from the quality of the product: boxers are made from 95% organic cotton, recycled materials are used for the packaging. If you’ve got balls, find A-dam boxers in the offline stores or order it online in the official online shop.

  • A-DAM UNDERWEAR Faas boxers €24,95
    A-DAM UNDERWEAR Faas boxers €24,95
Sizes S-XXL (men) | International shipping available to selected countries | Read more about A-dam



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