7 Dutch chocolate bars which are absolutely guilt-free

Chocolate as a guilt-free pleasure? It’s real!

Did you ever have this feeling while standing in line to the counter and holding a chocolate bar in your hands that you are doing something terribly wrong? Probably, you did. Chocolate industry is not as sweet as it seems, especially when it comes to giants of mass productions. Child slavery, unhealthy ingredients and questionable conditions of production are still the real problems out there.

The good news is: you can now really enjoy your chocolate bar, while making a right choice and feeling great about your purchase. We found 7 Dutch brands that offer innovative, healthy and environment-friendly solutions for creating delicious chocolates. Let’s raise the bar!

Tony’s Chocolonely


Tony's Dutch Chocolate

+ one of the most popular souvenirs from NL
+ on the way to 100% slave-free chocolate
+ funky flavours and packaging

Now famous worldwide for it’s goal of 100% slave-free chocolate industry, Tony’s Chocolonely is a creation of Dutch reporter Teun (Tony) van de Keuken from November 2005. The philosophy of his brand starts with buying cocoa directly from cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast – establishing a long-term relationship with them and buying their cocoa for a fair price over a long period of time. ‘Crazy about chocolate, serious about people’ is not only a fancy motto, it’s an everyday reality of Tony’s business.

When you unwrap the bar, you will see that it’s divided on unequal parts. Why? It’s also an element of the brand’s philosophy: why should the chocolate bars be divided into equal parts when the chocolate industry isn’t?

5 classical tastes vary from milk and dark chocolate to chocolate with hazelnuts, nougat, caramel and salt. Every 6 months Tony’s Chocolonely creates new funky flavours like rhubarb crumble or pecan marshmallow.

Where to find it? Almost everywhere, from supermarkets to concept stores! And, of course, you can order it in the official webstore.

Original beans


Original Beans Chocolates

+ environment- and people friendly
+ rarest kinds of cacao beans
+ 100% bio-compostable packaging

Founded in 2008 by Philipp Kauffmann, Original beans brand stands for making the right choices. It’s team travels into the most remote rainforests of the world in pursuit of the rarest cacao beans to bring foodies, environmentally conscious consumers and leading chefs pure, additive-free chocolate that not only does not harm the source from which it comes, but replenishes it.

Original Beans creates ans supports several important environmental initiatives, and one of them is ‘One Bar – One Tree‘. With this program a cacao tree is planted for every sold chocolate bar, protecting the local habitat and wildlife, benefiting cacao farmers and their families.

Choose your favorite one from 7 kinds of chocolate bars, from 40% organic white chocolate (made with cacao butter from the Dominican Republic) to 75% organic dark chocolate from the Peruvian Andes.

Check the official webstore or find the nearest offline store on the map.

Chocolate Makers


Chocolate Makers Dutch chocolate

+ environmentally friendly
+ using local solutions
+ made in Amsterdam

Enver Loke and Rodney Nikkels started Chocolatemakers in 2011. They agree that it’s quite a challenge to do everything as environmentally friendly as possible. Fortunately, the business is based on the least possible emissions and waste, and on seeking for local solutions as well.

Chocolate makers buy the beans directly from the farmers at a fair price. Then begins the process of manual selection, roasting the beans, making the nibs and milling. The whole process is built to be friendly to environment: even the cocoa shells go to the City Farm in Waterland where they are used as compost for the blueberries. Even the nice packaging is made from waxed paper and printed with organic ink.

There are 5 kinds of chocolate on offer: Gorilla milk or pure (made of the beans from Congo’s Virunga), Tres Hombres 40% or with roasted cacao nibs (from Conacado, Dominican Republic) and dark Awajún chocolate (from the north-east of Peru).

You can easily find these ‘made in Amsterdam’ chocolate bars in the official webshop or wide range of the offline stores throughout the Netherlands.

Ridiculously Good


Ridiculously Good chocolate

+ unusual shape and packaging
+ certified organic
+ sugar-free

Well, Ridiculously Good is not a traditional chocolate bar in any way.

Started in 2015 by food enthusiasts, Ridiculously Good became a combination between a bonbon and the familiar to us candy-bar. Basically, it consists of the best raw chocolate from Ecuador and the fillings that come from the purest and sugar-free ingredients. The products are not heated above 42 degrees, helping to maintain the original characteristics of cocoa. All the ingredients are produced organically and fair trade: 100% natural, free of refined sugars, lactose, E’s, preservatives and other additives.

There are two flavours available: Rich Almond & Date and Creamy Coconut. Find it in one of the offline stores throughout the country.

Brick of raw chocolate


Brick of raw chocolate

+ based on Ayurvedic principles
+ unusual shape and packaging
+ raw chocolate pleasure

Founded in 2015 by food pioneer Arend van der Heijden, professional chef in the past, Brick of raw chocolate combines the innovative techniques of the Rawfood theory with basic elements from the ancient Ayurvedic health education.

You will feel that the taste of the raw chocolate is different, cause it’s produced at a very low temperature, 37 degrees Celsius max. It means that the raw ingredients do not loose their power, and many of the beneficial substances of the raw cacao survive in the bricks.

Enjoy healthy and tasty chocolate in 5 variations, from basic raw chocolate to Freshmint & Cacaonibs, Orange Chili, Superfoods and Inca Salt. All the kinds are available in the official webstore.

Urban Cacao


Urban Cacao Dutch Chocolate

+ open factory in Amsterdam
+ beautiful packaging
+ variety of tastes

This contemporary chocolate factory was founded in 2013 by Hans Mekking and Jochem Keune and quickly became the magnet for all the sweet tooth of Amsterdam. The open workshop of more than 400m2 is situated in the hip part of town, where visitors are welcome to take a look at the process of creation and to taste the varieties of chocolates (as well as macaroons, cakes and ice-cream!). Urban Cacao also creates chocolates for healthy food chains like Stach and stores like Bilder & de Clercq.

Urban Cacao is working on creating a webstore, meanwhile you can come by to one of their stores in Amsterdam.

Ananda Chocolate

(Beware of the audio on the website!)

Ananda Chocolate

+ biodegradable packaging
+ only organic ingredients
+ innovative flavours

Founded in 2009 by eco enthusiasts, Ananda took it’s name from a word meaning ‘ecstasy‘ in one of the ancient languages of India.

Ananda uses only organic ingredients. Ecuadorian dark organic chocolate is wrapped in biodegradable foil, and the packaging is made from waste fibers of sugar cane. Even the ink is based on natural ingredients – use the packaging in your garden’s compost and this ‘waste’ will become food for your plants!

Ananda offers 8 flavours, from regular pure dark chocolate to chocolate with coffee beans, mint, dried banana, chia seeds etc. Available in organic and specialty stores in Europe.

Have you ever tried Dutch chocolate bars? Which one is your favorite? We are secretly in love with chewing the cacao nibs when nobody’s watching;)



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