7 Dutch Perfume Brands To Impress Your Nose

Discover Dutch perfume brands in one list!

Although the Netherlands does not boast a large selection of perfumes such as France or Italy, the true fans of niche and exclusive fragrances still can find here the real treasures. Discover 7 Dutch perfume brands with exceptional products, outstanding ingredients and designs and, of course, with a magical touch of Dutch creativity.


Abel perfume Vintage'13

ABEL Vintage’13 perfume, 50 ml, €115

Speaking about truly Dutch brands, ABEL is for no doubt one of them, even though the founder beautiful Frances Shoemack is originally New Zealander! Both products – Tonic and Vintage’13 perfumes – are 100% organic. Stylish wooden cases are made from old Amsterdam canal beams and reclaimed Dutch railway carriages. Fragrances suit equally good ladies and gentleman. And finally, the brand’s name was given with a nod to the Dutch adventurer Abel Tasman – the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. Uber Dutch! Discover more


Nasomatto Black Afgano perfume

NASOMATTO Black Afgano, 30 ml, €118

The brand was founded by famous ‘nose’ Alessandro Gualtieri in 2007 and immediately became a sensation. Nasomatto keeps in secret the ingredient lists and instead of it gives descriptions of the perfumes by their inspirations. For example, Black Afgano perfume ‘aims to evoke the best quality of hashish. It is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss’. Do you feel the Dutch spirit? Discover more


Orto Parisi Stercus Perfume

ORTO PARISI Stercus perfume, 50 ml, €138

This project of Alessandro Gualtieri, the founder and the Nose of Nasomatto, is dedicated to his grandfather Vincenzo Parisi. As in Nasomatto, you won’t find a list of ingredients in perfume description, just a set of related pictures and photos to get an impression or feeling. Even though people in the Netherlands are very straightforward, some products here sometimes can be extremely mysterious. Discover more


Hiram Green Voyage perfume

HIRAM GREEN Voyage perfume, 50 ml, €135

Hiram Green creates handcrafted fragrances made exclusively from natural materials. After relocating to the Netherlands, Hiram spent several years researching and experimenting with natural fragrant materials. In his studio in Gouda he develops and produces his natural perfumes in small batches. Voyage is a new fragrance available from November 2nd, limited to only 250 bottles. Isn’t it a good reason to visit Gouda? Discover more


Mona di Orio Myrrh perfume

MONA DI ORIO Myrrh Casati perfume, 75 ml, €140

Maison Mona di Orio fragrances are recognizable for their distinctive sillage and characteristic style. Nature, light and art influence each of the perfumes. It’s characteristic style is a journey of light and dark elements with lively, sparkling notes that recall the joyous moment of opening a bottle of champagne, layered with dark, seductive nuances and mysterious pleasures. Discover more


Baruti Melkmeisje perfume

BARUTI Melkmeisje perfume, 30 ml, €97,50

Baruti is an independent artisan perfume brand dedicated to the art of perfumery. It offers 6 fragrances: Indigo, Berlin im Winter, Melkmeisje, Chai, Voyance, Nooud (30 ml and €97,50 each). One of them, Melkmeisje, is a little bit more Dutch than others. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s painting ‘The milkmaid’, this is a very Dutch affair indeed, encapsulates the promises of early summer. With notes of pear, lilac, linden blossom, honey, orris root, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and musk. Discover more


Eau d'Amsterdam perfume

EAU D’AMSTERDAM perfume, 50 ml, € 58

This unisex perfume has been already selected by Vogue as One of The Best Scents With a Destination. With a purchase you support the art & pop-up events of Springsnow, Amsterdam’s Spring Celebration that brings an ode to the elm trees, which are signature trees of the city. Eau d’Amsterdam will bring you to the canals of Amsterdam, where the elm trees blossom in springtime, spreading their seeds as natural confetti. Discover more

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