Authentic Dutch Brands is number one international guide to the greatest Dutch brands and goods. On Authentic Dutch Brands we keep an eye on the best local brands and original, non-touristic goods. Born and raised in one of the most creative, happy and eco-friendly countries of the world, these brands will strike you with style, taste and creativity!

How do we choose brands?

All the brands you find on Authentic Dutch Brands are carefully picked by our editors. Some of them are local hidden gems, some are big enough to conquer international markets. What makes them special? The talented founders, the great story behind the brand, creative or innovative ideas and, of course, attractive products! Most of the brands are eco-friendly and sustainable. Absolutely all of the brands you find on Authentic Dutch Brands were founded in the Netherlands.

What do we offer?

We create brand profiles, articles, guides and lists of selected brands, so it’s easier for you to navigate. We meet with Dutch brands, try Dutch goods and share our experiences with you in our blog. So you can explore more, make better choices and feel good about your Dutch purchases, no matter if you are tourist, expat or local.

How can you buy goods?

With constantly updated articles, blog posts and featured guides we make sure that you get all the useful information about the brands and where to find their goods offline and online. Shopping will be easy like 1,2,3! We do not sell goods on Authentic Dutch Brands directly – this is how we stay objective and cool.

Do you have burning questions or brilliant ideas of any kind? Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Mary Veselova Authentic Dutch Brands