Stylish Amsterdam eyewear with a fixed price.

Established 2012
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Mark de Lange
Category eyewear

Behind the scenes

Ace&Tate designs quality frames at a fair price, which allows you to continuously update your eyewear. It doesn’t cost a small fortune like other designer glasses. Why? Because you do not pay too many people!

As Ace&Tate teams says, ‘We like to keep it simple. We’re not letting you pay for expensive license holders and retailers. You only want the high-quality design and manufacturing anyway’.

Speaking about high-quality design, Ace&Tate gets it right: ‘Our Amsterdam-based design team produce future classics, not short term thrills. Craftsmanship is just as important as our long-lasting designs. Quality materials are central to everything we do – so much so, that we’ve named the company after the cellulose acetate from which a majority of our frames are formed: a traditional material that is strong, lightweight and lasting. It’s crucial to us that each phase in the construction and development of your eyewear is personalised, flawless, and conducted with the sharpest eye for detail’.

Ace&Tate Wilson Jade

ACE&TATE Wilson Jade glasses, €98

Besides that, with every pair of glasses they sell, Ace&Tate donate to Sightsavers, the charity that aims to eliminate avoidable blindness and provides help for people with disabilities in developing countries.

If you still have any doubts, Ace&Tate introduced a remarkable collection ‘Black Is The New Green’ that is made of a 100% bio-degradable acetate.

Ace&Tate Jeff Green

ACE&TATE Jeff Green Machine, €98

The products

Ace&Tate offers optical eyewear and sunglasses. For those who lives in Netherlands brand provides a ‘try-on’ service, and this is how it works. You pick up to 5 pairs of glasses you like and Ace&Tate will send it free of charge to your home. Try the glasses for five days and see what your friends and family feel about it. Make a choice, pay for pair(s) you like online and send other back. Easy-peasy!

Ace&Tate Hudson

ACE&TATE Hudson Tiger Wood sunglasses, €98

Where to buy

You can buy Ace&Tate eyewear in offline stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam or you can order it online in official online store (for now they ship to Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England).

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