Stylish hand tailored blazers with African twist.

Established 2013
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Sivan Breemhaar and Kars Gerrits
Category apparel and accessories

Behind the scenes

Afriek joins design with culture and craftsmanship. Together with talented tailors in Rwanda they create inspiring collections of hand tailored garments. It makes you aware of what you wear and where it came from, a lost value in our Western fashion culture.

All the blazers are made in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Bringing together Dutch design with authentic African print fabrics and the true craftsmanship of local tailors, Afriek combines the best of both worlds in their products.


Here what Afriek says about the production:

‘Rwandan people love custom-made clothes. They select a fabric at the local market, discuss their favourite design with the tailor and together they create a unique piece of fashion. This personal tailoring results in close contact between owner and maker.

We create an inspiring collection of hand tailored blazers in cooperation with talented craftsmen in Kigali.
It is only one tailor who makes an Afriek blazer, from the cutting of the fabric to the final stitches of the lining. Creating each blazer takes many hours of devoted handwork, leaving a unique signature of the tailor in every piece he makes’.

The products

Afriek Ruby Blazer

AFRIEK Ruby blazer, €289

Afriek Eye blazer

AFRIEK Eye blazer, €289

Where to buy

You can find Afriek in offline stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Rotterdam or you can order it in official online store.



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