Online customizable women shoes from Amsterdam-based designer.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Anna Winkelmolen
Category Women’s shoes

Behind the scenes

Anna van Mills combines the old profession of shoemaking with the newest online innovative 3D technologies. The goal is to give women the opportunity to design perfect pair of shoes.

The design process starts with a basic ankle boot, shootie or pump that will be subsequently adjusted in 3D step by step. The Anna van Mills collection offers over 45,000 possible combinations! After ordering the customized pair of shoes is individually handcrafted in brand’s Italian workshop.

Anna van Mills lookbook

Here what the founder of Anna van Mills says about the concept:

‘As a little girl, shoes always fascinated me. They have a special effect on my mood. There is no better medicine for a listless and unattractive feeling than putting on a pair of heels. They make the legs longer, tighten the calf muscles, while giving you an elegant and gracefully confident posture.

As a shoe enthusiast, I was always looking for the perfect pair of basic heels: I love elegant, feminine, and stylish shoes of good quality. When my search for the perfect pair once again resulted in disappointment, I decided to design and produce my own collection of customizable shoes. I moved from Roermond to Amsterdam where my search began… the beginning of a journey filled with trials and tribulations, and eventually resulting in my own shoe label under the name Anna van Mills.

The brand represents what I believe in: personality, simplicity, quality, femininity with a bold twist, and uniqueness’.

>> Meet the founder: Interview with Anna Winkelmolen

The products

All shoes are customizable. Here are some examples of what you can create:


ANNA VAN MILLS Theatro Pumps, €239

Anna van Mills shootie

ANNA VAN MILLS Drago shootie, €269

You can create and order your Anna van Mills pair in its official online store.



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