High-quality bikes from the north-east of NL.

Established 1997
City of origin Hoogeveen
Founders Jan Rijkeboer
Category bikes

Behind the scenes

Most likely, you didn’t hear about Azor bikes yet. This is because brand doesn’t do any advertising and have no representatives. It allows handcrafted, high-quality Dutch bikes to have very competitive prices — even though bikes are made per one piece, not by the large series.

AZOR bikes | Authentic Dutch Brands

Before starting the bike brand in 1997, Jan Rijkeboer and his partner worked at a big bike factory. Besides understanding how this market works they got some insights what should be changed. ‘It could be better’ motto lead them into building their own brand. The goal was to create a premium brand bike at a competitive price.

Later on they found out that there was more demand for bikes with a super quality, the bikes that just last long. Besides that, customers really liked they bikes to be customised and one-of-a-kind. All together these insights helped to create Azor bikes as you see it now.

The products

Azor exports bikes to 15 countries in the EU, America, Australia and even Africa. ‘Our goal is to make a good and affordable bike for everyone. For tall, short, fat, thin people; people who want a low entry; people with one, two or three children; people who just want to give a personal touch to their bike. Everything can be customised with Azor’, — says Jan Rijkeboer, director.

  • AZOR Texel bike, from €787
    AZOR Texel bike, from €787

Where to buy

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