3D printed bamboo goods and not only.

Established 2005
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Erwin Schuster
Category bamboo furniture and accessories

Behind the scenes


Bamboo is a fully sustainable alternative to steel and wood. It is a renewable resource that naturally grows again if harvested. This is why the use of bamboo in a variety of everyday objects and buildings contributes to a more sustainable life.

Bamboo Groove is an architect and design agency that works with bamboo, an inspirational construction material. The products are made in Amsterdam on a sustainable and local basis. All the products are made in-house and in a creative environment with artists, designers, furniture makers and craft professionals. They use different techniques for the production, from low- tech craft to high-tech 3d printing.


To bring the sustainable designs and durable materials inside your house and part of your daily life, Bamboo Groove produces furniture pieces with bamboo. And these furniture pieces are made with bamboo in an unusual way! Pure original bamboo canes are dried and treated with a special procedure and finished with bamboo oil. Combined with the metal joint system, the designs are elegant, transparent, light in weight and strong in use.

The products

Bamboo Groove

BAMBOO GROOVE Transporter Bicycle bamboo rack, € 299 / Bamboo rack black € 49,95


BAMBOO GROOVE Sphere 3D printed bamboo lamp, €129


BAMBOO GROOVE Set of 3 lamps, €180

Where to buy

You can order Bamboo Groove items in official online store (international shipping is available).



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