Chain-free bikes designed in Utrecht and built in Heeten.

Established 2010
City of origin Utrecht
Founder Wouter Eigenbrood
Category bikes

Behind the scenes

A bike without a chain? Everything is possible, if you are in the Netherlands. BRIK founder Wouter Eigenbrood quit his job and began designing a bicycle that would be reliable, strong, trendy and have no chain. During his studies as a car mechanic he wondered why cars have drive shaft and bicycles do not. After all, a drive shaft is very reliable and nearly maintenance free. That’s the reason he started designing his first chain-free bike. So no more dirty jeans, no ugly chain protectors!

Not to forget, a BRIK bike is a purely dutch product. It’s designed in Utrecht and built in Heeten. Every item is customised by the costumer during the webstore visit, so the chance you ride a bike precisely the same as your neighbour is nearly negligible. The bikes are all built to order: at the moment you buy your bike online, BRIK will start the production process.

BRIK bikes | Authentic Dutch Brands


The products

Do you go for Brut or Sec? The Sec is matte black with a genuine leather saddle and matching handles. Moreover, the Brut has handmade wooden fenders. Both are stylish and resistant to the Dutch weather (read as ‘absolutely weather-proof).

  • BRIK Sec Gentelmen bike, from €849
    BRIK Sec Gentelmen bike, from €849

Where to buy

Order your bike online or find the nearest dealer.

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