Elegant porcelain dinnerware with colourful handpainted illustrations

City of origin Den Haag
Established 2014
Founder Femke Zwaan
Category dinnerware, wall art

Behind the scenes

Catchii | Authentic Dutch Brands

Having spent a number of years as a marketeer in multinational corporations, in 2014 Femke Zwaan decided to pursue her artistic dream of establishing the Catchii homeware brand. She had already been painting pictures for a long time. It was only at the point when her home was completely full of canvasses that she hit upon the idea of painting ceramics.

As demand for these products increased to a level where she was working through the night to fulfil orders, she teamed up with a screen printer who made it possible to accurately duplicate her detailed and colourful illustrations onto higher volumes of tableware. With this, the first commercially available homeware collection came into being.

The products

Catchii offers dinnerware collections of high quality fine porcelain from Europe, handcrafted with artfully decorated designs. Elegant imagery, with exceptional attention to detail, of flora and fauna of the world’s most fascinating cultures create animated conversations.

Colourful homeware products enliven family meals and are guaranteed for wowing guests at festive occasions. Catchii gets the table talking! Catchii | Authentic Dutch Brands

CATCHII Serving plate 29 cm Bamboo & Singing Birds,  24,99

Catchii | Authentic Dutch Brands

CATCHII Parrot dinner plate,  19,99

Catchii | Authentic Dutch BrandsCATCHII Pasta Plate 27 cm Blue Bamboo,  20,99
Catchii | Authentic Dutch BrandsCATCHII Small bowls 10 cm,  9,49 per item

Where to buy

You can find Catchii in offline stores or you can order it in the official webshop.




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