Crispy bed linen and lovely paper goods from Amsterdam.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Lara Jans
Category bedding and home accessories

Behind the scenes

Crisp Sheets is a young and fast-growing lifestyle company from Amsterdam. Next to their specialization in bedding, Crisp Sheets offers a range of paper goods such as posters, postcards and notebooks.

Crisp Sheets

CRISP SHEETS Duvet cover set and posters

The company was started by the entrepreneur Lara Jans in 2014. She noticed that it was almost impossible to find bed sheets which met the three key features: modern design, high quality and an affordable price.

If you think about it, it’s actually a good point. You spend at least 1/4 of your life in bed, so it’s important to make this time special, beautiful and truly yours!

The products

The bedding is made of 100% high quality soft cotton. It’s woven with a special technique to ensure the soft touch, as if you just made your bed. All prints are hand painted with watercolor and digitally edited. The bed linen are made in Turkey and the paper prints are made in the Netherlands.

Crisp Sheets

CRISP SHEETS Secret Garden duvet cover set, €69,95–€139,95

Crisp Sheets

CRISP SHEETS duvets, Light as a feather / The world is yours / Confetti sets

Crisp Sheets

CRISP SHEETS Supernova set, €99–€165, Universe poster 50×70, €45

Crisp Sheets

CRISP SHEETS Notebook, €9,95 each

Where to buy

You can buy Crisp Sheets in the offline stores or you can order it online in the official online store (international shipping is available).



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