Happykini and feel goodies with a meaning.

City of origin Wijk aan Zee
Established 2014
Founder Carmen van der Klooster
Category swimwear and accessories

Behind the scenes

Curms is inspired and created by a combination of two passions: the ocean and authentic handmade textile. Carmen van der Klooster, founder, tells her story:

‘There is one question that has kept me busy for a long time, before I started CURMS. What is more important, an object or the idea/story behind it? I found the answer to this question: Combine it! A product made with craftsmanship, quality and with a meaning. That’s what CURMS stands for. Combine what matters to you. In every product of CURMS we focus on meaning. What we produce has significance for us and, therefore, for others. We want to create something that has real human value. Every product of CURMS is fully handmade and our goal is to make all our customers, the makers and myself Happy & Feel good with the products!’

CURMS | Authentic Dutch Brands | Happykini and Feel goodies

Curms is designed in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, and created in Indonesia

By buying a Happykini or Feel goodie swimwear, you support the local handwork artists in Indonesia: from weaving lady to seamstress.

The products

CURMS | Authentic Dutch Brands | Happykini and Feel goodies

CURMS Happykini, One piece green €105

The Happykini is designed for girls and women who love being active in and around the water. It’s called Happykini for several reasons.

Your swimwear stays on, so you can surf and play in the ocean or pool with no worries. By buying it you support the local handwork artists in Indonesia: it is more than ‘just a product’. All the swimwear is fully reversible: if you get one Happykini, you have different styles to wear.


CURMS Feel goodies, Wallet €35

The Feel goodies (accessories) are made from one-off vintage ikat from Savu and Flores. The ikats were used once by local people as a sarong; one of the earliest form of clothing of Indonesia, and are between twenty and fifty years old.

Why Feel goodies? Every item is not just a product, it’s a piece of art. Every single piece is one-of-a-kind and has its own artwork. Every single motif, pattern and detail is chosen with care and attention.

Where to buy

Order Curms online in official webshop or check the list of retailers. You can also make an appointment and visit showroom in Wijk aan Zee.



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