Multifunctional modular bicycle crates, made by Amsterdam enthusiasts.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Diana Vaiškūnaitė
Category bicycle accessories

Behind the scenes

Now you can enjoy the luxury of cycling and sipping your coffee, all at once!


Cycle Crate is an Amsterdam based brand currently specialized in utilitarian accessories for bicycles. This is what CC team says:

‘Heavily inspired by the bicycling culture of our hometown, we have sought to craft intelligent line of functional products, to meet the demands of urban life on two wheels.

Our approach to design is rooted in the aesthetic principle of being true to form and function. In being true to form, we have chosen to use modular designs, and sustainable materials for all of our products. Through our modular design we encourage users to adapt Cycle Crate products – without additional parts – to meet their various needs. With this tiny gesture, we seek to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Through our products, we seek to offer solutions to genuine problems; however small they might be. Questions such as: How do you efficiently transport groceries on a bicycle? How does one carry a coffee-to-go without compromising the safety of cyclists and pedestrians? Through our products we intend to solve tiny problems, because we believe that Tiny Things Matter’.

The products


CYCLE CRATE Omm Birch Bicycle Crate, €49


CYCLE CRATE Mahogany Bicycle Crate, €49


CYCLE CRATE Omm Oak Bicycle Crate, €49


CYCLE CRATE Cup holder, €7

Where to buy

You can find Cycle Crate in offline store in Amsterdam or you can buy it in official online store.



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