Cycling heaven: 6 Dutch bike brands to remember

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Your first impression in the Netherlands is always ‘Oh wow, so many bikes!’ Bikes are everywhere, any time of the day. Netherlands is considered to be an absolute cycling heaven, where oma fietsen, fixed gear bikes, electrified and all other kind of bikes move in a beautiful synchrony. So it’s not a surprise that Netherlands gave the world several amazing bike brands. Here we are to tell you more about them.


  • VANMOOF SmartBike, straight frame, from €1398
    VANMOOF SmartBike, straight frame, from €1398

VanMoof bikes are known far beyond Netherlands: you can find black-and-yellow brand stores in Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Taipei and Berlin. The perfect combo of design+technologies makes these bikes so desirable and award-worthy (think of RED DOT, Dutch Design Award and Eurobike Award).

The brand was created in 2009 by two Dutch brothers who wanted to develop the kinds of bikes that got people from A to B, without the fuss. The goal is simple: to help the ambitious city dweller to move around town faster, more confidently and in utmost style.

All the bikes are maintenance-light, weatherproof and hassle-free. Theft, hills, traffic or safety — if there’s something getting between you and cycling, chances are VanMoof has already found a solution for it. Let’s take, for example, bicycle thefts, one of the biggest pains in the ass of every Amsterdammer. SmartBike will keep your mind in peace: tracking and anti-thefts parts prevent bike from being stolen. And even if it’s miraculously gone, VanMoof has a team to track, find and deliver the bike back to you in two weeks. Or team will replace your bike. Either way, it feels much more safe and sound.

Brand stores yes | Dealers yes | Online store yes | International shipping yes, with several exceptions


  • VELORETTI Caféracer Jet Black bike, from €369
    VELORETTI Caféracer Jet Black bike, from €369
Veloretti Bicycles is a small and independent bicycle brand based in the historic city centre of Amsterdam. The brand is still quite young, but Veloretti bikes have already established themselves on the market and are considered to be a sign of good taste. The bikes are not mass-produced, but still affordable. Think of €370-470 for adult bike, €99-185 for kids bike.
These modern and affordable bikes have already stolen the hearts of passionate bike enthusiasts. Simple and clean design makes them stand out in the crowd, even without any kinky details such as weirdly shaped frame of neon-infused colors.
Brand stores no | Dealers yes | Online store yes | International shipping  on special conditions

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  • GAZELLE Esprit C3 bike, €549
    GAZELLE Esprit C3 bike, €549
Started in 1892 in Dieren as a daring experiment, today Gazelle produces more than 275,000 bicycles a year. Gazelle is market leader in the Netherlands. It even has the Royal title, which was awarded by Princess Margriet on the occasion of the centenary celebrations in 1992.
In Gazelle bikes quality comes first, cause brand believes: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle. Even if your bike is not expensive, it will serve you faithfully for many years. Gazelle gives you no less than 10 years warranty on all frames and many other guaranties. The paint on a Gazelle is indestructible, as well as being rock-hard and scratch-resistant in every color. When you buy Gazelle bike, think of quality, durability and lower maintenance costs.
Brand stores yes | Dealers yes | Online store no | International shipping no

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  • AZOR Texel bike, from €787
    AZOR Texel bike, from €787

Most likely, you didn’t hear about Azor bikes yet. This is because brand doesn’t do any advertising and have no representatives. It allows handcrafted, high-quality Dutch bikes to have very competitive prices — even though bikes are made per one piece, not by the large series.

Before starting Azor bikes in 1997, Jan Rijkeboer and his partner worked at a big bike factory. Besides understanding how this market works they got some insights what should be changed. ‘It could be better’ motto lead them into building their own brand. The goal was to create a premium brand bike at a competitive price.

Later on they found out that there was more demand for bikes with a super quality, the bikes that just last long. Besides that, customers really liked they bikes to be customised and one-of-a-kind. All together these insights helped to create Azor bikes as you see it now.

‘Our goal is to make a good and affordable bike for everyone. For tall, short, fat, thin people; people who want a low entry; people with one, two or three children; people who just want to give a personal touch to their bike. Everything can be customised with Azor’, — Jan Rijkeboer, director of Azor bikes.

Azor exports bikes to 15 countries in the EU, America, Australia and even Africa.

Brand stores no | Dealers yes | Online store no | International shipping no

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  • BRIK Sec Gentelmen bike, from €849
    BRIK Sec Gentelmen bike, from €849

A bike without a chain? Everything is possible, if you are in the Netherlands. BRIK founder Wouter Eigenbrood quit his job and began designing a bicycle that would be reliable, strong, trendy and have no chain. During his studies as a car mechanic he wondered why cars have drive shaft and bicycles do not. After all, a drive shaft is very reliable and nearly maintenance free. That’s the reason he started designing his first chain-free bike. So no more dirty jeans, no ugly chain protectors!

Not to forget, a BRIK bike is a purely dutch product. It’s designed in Utrecht and built in Heeten. Every item is customised by the costumer during the webstore visit, so the chance you ride a bike precisely the same as your neighbour is nearly negligible. The bikes are all built to order: at the moment you buy your bike online, BRIK will start the production process.

Brand stores no | Dealers yes | Online store yes | International shipping yes
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  • VANHULSTEIJN Custom Bike
    VANHULSTEIJN Custom Bike

Rapid, effective and beautiful — or steel awesomeness on wheels — these bikes are truly one of a kind. Brand is founded by Herman van Hulsteijn, who designed first Vanhulsteijn item out of his personal need of having a fast yet spectacular bike to roam the city.

The handcrafted bikes are made for performance as well as for making you look good. The first thing that you notice is an outstanding shape of bike frame. It’s very rigid and stiff and does not wobble or sway. Actually, Vanhulsteijn is one of only a few factories that actually make bikeframes in Holland. If you would like to visit the factory in Arnhem, you are welcomed to come by every Saturday — doors are open from 10am to 5 pm.

Prices start from from €2800 for Premium bike, Topline custom bikes price is on request.

Brand stores no | Dealers yes | Online store no | International shipping on special request
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More Dutch bike brands

Don’t you think these are all bike brands? Of course not. We will come back soon with a next part, stay tuned!



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