Socks brand which brings back the real dandyism.

Website effio.eu
Established 2007
City of origin Rotterdam
Founders Joost van Beek, Henk Werksma and Norbert Quettier
Category men’s accessories

Behind the scenes

Effio socks Rotterdam

Effio is a socks brand that wants to bring back the real dandyism. For the brand it means designing with an ironical attitude. This is what the team says about the concept:

‘In the design process, we collaborate with our Dutch designers and our Italian friends. That is why we say ‘Dutch design and Italian production’. You will understand that we gladly underline [or highly emphasize with] the words of super dandy Oscar Wilde: ‘Socks play an incredibly important role in a man’s life!’

We named our lifework Effio which derives from the Latin word Effingo. It means ‘fashion’.


The products

Choose the pairs of socks or sets. Prices starts from €14.

Effio socks pack

EFFIO The box, €45

Where to buy

You can find the socks in offline stores in almost every Dutch city or you can order it in official online store.



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