Farm Brothers

Delicious cookies from Amsterdam-based organic food company.

City of origin Amsterdam
Established 2013
Founders Teyler Padberg & Herman Insinger
Category organic cookies

Behind the scenes

Farm Brothers | Authentic Dutch Brands

Farm Brothers is an organic food company, started in 2013 by two best friends. Since its founding, the mission has been to provide the world with wholesome, tasty, and affordable organic grain snacks that also increase awareness of the benefits of organic food for the planet. Farm Brothers supplies delicious cookies nationwide to mainstream and organic retailers, as well as supplying cookies to the best restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and health cautious companies as a mid-day snack.

The products

Farm Brothers was founded on believing the company’s primary attitude is to do good for people and the planet by producing products the right way. This means not only using organic ingredients, but also paying a fair price to all involved in the complete supply chain. The company is convinced that the ‘Farm Brothers way’ of doing business will eventually impact the food system as a whole.

Cookies are 100% organic, made out of oats, spelt and rye and sweetened with unrefined sweeteners such as sucanat and brown rice syrup. Farm Brothers don’t use eggs, palm oil or any preservatives, and additives. Cookies come in three delicious flavours: Dark Chocolate & Sea salt – Ginger & Lemon – Hazelnut & Cinnamon.

Farm Brothers | Authentic Dutch Brands

FARM BROTHERS Ginger&Lemon, Hazelnut&Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate&Sea Salt, €2,99

Where to buy?

You can find Farm Brothers cookies in stores like Albert Heijn, Marqt, DEEN, Natuurwinkel, Hutspot and in several small organic food stores. Also restaurants (Panache), Museums (FOAM), coffee places (Bagels & Beans, Goût Deli, Quartier Putain), bars (Bar Mick, Edel, Cinetol) and hotels (Zoku, Volkshotel) in and around Amsterdam serve Farm Brothers cookies with a good cup of coffee or tea.



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