One of the biggest/oldest Dutch bike brands.

Established 1892
City of origin Dieren
Founders Willem Kölling and Rudolf Arentsen
Category bikes

Behind the scenes

When Dieren-based postal manager, Willem Kölling, decided to go into the bicycle trade in 1892 everyone thought he was crazy. However, he was one of the very first to see the possibilities of this new mode of transport. He started out very cautiously and ordered, all told, one solitary bicycle in England. Strong trade growth soon led him into partnership with smith Rudolf Arentsen.

Today brand employs around 350 employees at its factory in Dieren producing more than 275,000 bicycles a year.  Gazelle is market leader in the Netherlands. It even has the Royal title, which was awarded by Princess Margriet on the occasion of the centenary celebrations in 1992.

GAZELLE Bikes | Authentic Dutch Brands

The products

In Gazelle bikes quality comes first, cause brand believes: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle. Even if your bike is not expensive, it will serve you faithfully for many years. Brand gives you no less than 10 years warranty on all frames and many other guaranties. The paint on the bikes is indestructible, as well as being rock-hard and scratch-resistant in every color. When you buy Gazelle bike, think of quality, durability and lower maintenance costs.
  • GAZELLE Esprit C3 bike, €549
    GAZELLE Esprit C3 bike, €549

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