Delicatessen from goose, made by local hunters.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Tom Zinger and Martijn Van De Reep
Category deli meats

Behind the scenes

Gebroeders de Wolf

Martijn and Tom started Gebroeders de Wolf (The Wolf Brothers) in 2014.

As hunters, they shoot a lot of geese. The dark meat becomes the fantastic deli meats later: geese from North Holland and surroundings are processed at a poultry shop in Amsterdam. The meat goes to Gebroeders de Wolf products, the feathers fly to duvets industry and the carcasses travel to the zoo. This is how the whole goose finds a good destination!

The products

Besides droge worst (dry sausage) Gebroeders de Wolf offers borrel packs, smoked goose breast and goose terrine.

Gebroeders de Wolf

GEBROEDERS DE WOLF Borrel pack, €25 / Terrine of wild goose, € 4,50

Where to buy

You can find the products in offline stores in several cities in the Netherlands or you can order it in official online store.



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