Exotic, refreshing, laid-back, bohemian and dreamy goods.

Website hammam34.com
City of origin Amsterdam
Established 2012
Founder Burcu Yurtoglu Dalar
Category home & travel accessories

Behind the scenes

Hammam34 | Authentic Dutch Brands

Hammam34 produces home & travel related design objects for the city-tired, incurable day-dreamer who is in continuous search of naturality and essence.

The studio works on the exploration of the convergence of cultures, design and fine craftsmanship. The ultimate aim of the brand is to provide unique pieces, hand-crafted by local communities from Anatolian heritage out of natural materials. Pieces that will inspire today’s daydreamer to explore at home and to feel at home when they travel.

Hammam34 as a brand is exotic, refreshing, laid-back, bohemian and dreamy. ‘We make choices for natural materials, for products crafted by small local communities by the people who are passionate about their work. We make choice for the conscious lifestyle in which we always search for the essence,’ – says founder Burcu Yurtoglu.

The products

Hammam34 towels are made of high quality finest cotton and bamboo. They are woven by techniques dating back centuries, without any machine, but with contemporary design and colour palette. The collection draws inspiration from a variety of sources: from Turkish textiles art and craft heritage to Nordic simplicity coupled with a bohemian attitude.

Bed covers and throws, together with smaller sized tea towels have also been added to the collection with great success. The brand recently cooperated with a young artist form Istanbul to design a special silk, hand painted jewellery set to complement its textiles.

Hammam34 | Authentic Dutch BrandsHAMMAM34 Optical plaid, Blue label, €129,95
Hammam34 | Authentic Dutch Brands
HAMMAM34 Indian Summer hammam towel, €44,95
Hammam34 | Authentic Dutch BrandsHAMMAM34 Single Ray Silk Bracelet, €24,95 per item

Where to buy

You can find Hammam34 in many concept stores in the Netherlands or you can buy it in the official webshop.



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