Distinguish your bike with colored bicycle seat.

Website heerzadel.nl
Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Koen Coppens
Category bicycle seats

Behind the scenes


You probably know this feeling. You head to your bike after a long day of work or study and think: ‘Where the hell did I leave my bicycle?’.

Most bicycle owners will agree that in cities like Amsterdam it can be pretty difficult to find your bike. How nice will it be if your vehicle strikes you right away with color? Often small changes can make a big contribution to every day life! And this is how Heer Zadel began.

Heer Zadel ( Mr. Saddle if you translate it from Dutch) makes your bike look unique and a bit crazy. All the colors are chosen with love and care. This is what the founder Koen Coppens says about his creature:

‘Being a student in Groningen and Amsterdam I could not live without my bike. I travelled from one side of town to another, and along with my bike I would learn the fast roads. I tried so many things to distinguish my bike, and finally it struck me: a colored bicycle seat! I couldn’t find it anywhere, so in early 2014 a young entrepreneur and enthusiast started to build his own brand of bicycle seats. After many challenges, skype sessions, color samples and prototypes I proudly present Heer Zadel. I hope you will have as much pleasure and fun with it as I have!’

The products

All the bike seats have a comfortable foam padding.

Heer Zadel

HEER ZADEL Orange bicycle seat, €35


HEER ZADEL Light green bicycle seat, €35


HEER ZADEL Green bicycle seat, €35


HEER ZADEL Blue bicycle seat, €35

Where to buy

You can find Heer Zadel in offline stores in Amsterdam and Groningen or you can buy it in official online store (shipping to Belgium, Germany, France and Spain is available).

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