10 hip souvenirs from Amsterdam: local brands only

Amsterdam has so much more to offer rather than tulip bulbs, wooden klomps and accessories of all kinds with a hemp leaf on it. If you want to bring home something truly unique, local, originally made, try something from this list. Kill two birds with one stone: a) support local, Amsterdam-based brands b) get a meaningful souvenir you will enjoy for a looong time (much longer, than a magnet with a windmill will stick to your fridge!)


1 —

STUDIO ROOF ‘Jazzman’ card, €4,95

Amsterdam is a big playground for great jazz musicians. You can enjoy jazz almost every day of the week: from Monday sessions at Nel to Sunday sessions at Cafe de Punt. Dive into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of local jazz events which gather public of all ages and occupations.

Once you’ve tried and and you liked it, you will never forget it. Anyway, get a funny and meaningful reminder: pop out card from Studio Roof, great family business located in a cosy studio in Amsterdam Oost. This A5 card is made of recycled cardboard and includes an envelope and notecard.

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2 —

STOOKER Motto Blend Espresso, €6,25

You can’t imagine Amsterdam without great local coffee bars. ‘Third wave’ era of specialty coffee made Amsterdam well-known and respected city on international coffee map. Here you can get a great cup of coffee not only in coffee bars, but also in concept stores and even in barber shops.

So no surprises there: Amsterdam has great local roasteries. If you want to find something truly inspiring for a coffee addict lover, get a nice blend from Stooker. For a special experience visit their roastery & coffee academy (available only by appointment).

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3 —

TONY’S Chocolate bar, from €2,95

Now famous worldwide for it’s goal of 100% slave-free chocolate industry, Tony’s Chocolonely is a creation of Dutch reporter Teun (Tony) van de Keuken.

Besides classical tastes like milk chocolate with hazelnuts, every 6 months Tony’s creates new funky tastes like rhubarb crumble or pecan marshmallow. The thick colourful chocolate bar equally impresses kids and adults.

And yes, the best think about Tony’s — besides the taste — that you can easily find it anywhere in Amsterdam, from supermarkets like Marqt and Albert Heijn to fancy concept stores!

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4 —

LEMON POPPY Çaj Mali tea, €14,95

Not in the mood for coffee? Try this exclusive full body, flower and leaf tea from the mountains of Albania (did you know that Netherlands don’t have any significant mountains?).

The tea is 100% organic, caffeine free, rich of iron and full of antioxidants. No machine production, no processing, no additives and no tea bags are used. Wrapped in an eco friendly hip package and causing zero waste, this tea is makes a great gift for the tea lovers all over the world!

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5 —

AMATØR Wine bottle pin, €10

Based in Amsterdam, fashion brand AMATØR has Scandinavian roots: it’s founder Eline Starink grew up in Norway, but moved to Netherlands to study Business Psychology and stayed here to create a down-to-earth designs that display a touch of elegance.

If you are looking for something small and remarkable to cheer up your outfit, check the variety of funny metal pins from AMATØR. We bet the Wine bottle pin has an adventurous spirit, that’s why we have it on our jackets even during formal meetings at the offices.

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6 —

ATELIER SUKHA 8 Poetry Cards, €10

Sukha Amsterdam has already became a legendary concept store in the city. It brings in the spotlight the meaning of Sanskrit word sukha — ‘joy of life’. All handmade, stylish and sustainable goods are made with great love and have the spirit of sukha in it.

If you are looking for something nice, meaningful and at the same tome gezellig (special Dutch word for something cosy that gives you a warm feeling), try this collection of Sukha’s most funny and lovely poems. Yes, they are in Dutch, so it gives some extra fun to translate it!

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7 —

CRISP SHEETS Badass postcard, €3,50

Crisp Sheets is a young and fast-growing lifestyle brand from Amsterdam. Next to their specialisation in bedding, Crisp Sheets offers some nice extras, such as posters, postcards and notebooks.

Speaking of postcards — one of the most popular souvenirs all over the world — it’s hard sometimes to find a proper one, especially if you want to have a great message on it. We like this ‘Badass’ postcard for it’s directness (yes, Dutch people are known for it). Here in the Netherlands it’s a common ritual to give each other postcards for any occasion, so don’t think too long on getting one for colleague or friend.

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8 —


Marie-Stella-Maris is one of the most famous Dutch brands on a mission. Not only natural ingredients and amazing designs make these black and white tubes and bottles objects of desire. For each product you purchase, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.

Visit the store on Keizersgracht to explore all the variety of products: from natural mineral water to home fragrances and facial oils. It doesn’t take too much to contribute: choose a lip balm with coconut oil as a nice souvenir or a little treat for yourself.

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9 —


Heineken? Grolsch? No, Amsterdam has so much more to offer! Check these 10 fantastic local breweries to expand the horizons and fall in love with Dutch beer culture.

Are you looking for something special and surprising? Gebrouwen door Vrouwen is a Dutch beer brewed by women. Try, for example, their Bloesem Blond (lager beer with elderflower) or Gin Weizen (wheat beer with gin herbs: juniper, coriander and orange peel).

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10 —


Do you like to bring local magazines from your trips? For all the print lovers here: we have something special for you. A City Made by People Journal, Issue 1 is a brand-new creation of Citinerary: online platform that creates daily content on city life and culture from various cities. The first issue consist of the best stories (both existing and never-before-seen) from Amsterdam, Bucharest, Madrid, Minneapolis and Rotterdam.

And if you want to get even more insights on Amsterdam city life, join one of the A City Made By People events to meet local makers and movers!

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