Hemp &other eco-friendly materials meet innovative design

Website hoodlamb.com
City of origin Amsterdam
Established 1993
Founder Douglas Mignola
Category sustainable fashion

Behind the scenes

In the early nineties, HoodLamb began as a simple wish: to feel warm, comfortable and protected after an exhilarating day surfing the cold waves of the North Sea. Everything started with the idea of creating a warm, durable jacket that looked great and was designed from natural fabrics.

It took some time, experimentation and innovation to get it right for Hoodlamb: ‘Finally we found hemp, the earth’s strongest natural fiber, and we have been using it in all of our apparel since. Twenty years later we have pioneered the hemp apparel industry, paying attention to balance of great looking style and function. Our clothes, from durable outerwear to soft knits, are made from hemp and high quality organic and recycled materials. They are designed to look great, last long, and exist in harmony with nature’.

The products

Hoodlamb jackets are produced under fair working conditions in factories that were chosen for their expertise and progressive working environment. All of the jackets undergo the signature Hempulose treatment – an environmentally friendly water resistant coating (made from natural cellulose derived from the inner core of the hemp stalk). It shows outstanding performance in wet, windy or cold conditions.

Hoodlamb | Authentic Dutch BrandsHOODLAMB Ladies Parka, €339 | Ladies Long Coat, €339
Hoodlamb | Authentic Dutch Brands

HOODLAMB Men’s Tech 4-20, €339 | Men’s Nordic Parka, €499

Also, HoodLamb is the official outfitter of Sea Shepherd’s missions worldwide. A portion of all HoodLamb Sea Shepherd sales goes to support Sea Shepherd expeditions.

Hoodlamb | Authentic Dutch Brands

HOODLAMB Ladies Sea Shepherd Classic coat, €309 | Men’s Sea Shepherd Classic T-Shirt, €44

Where to buy

You can find Hoodlamb in the nearest offline store in your country or you can buy it online in the official webshop.



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