Minimalistic Amsterdam-based jewelry with character and style.

Website ivyandliv.com
Established 2012
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Isabella Machinè and Fleur Osterholt
Category jewelry

Behind the scenes

Ivy and Liv are longtime friends. Two women joined by taste, style, mutual understanding and yet, so different from one another.


Ivy is the kind of woman that can let you know what she wants without really having to say it. The kind that makes you talk more than you want to. An elegant ‘go getter’ with her eyes fixed on tomorrow but not much further than that. Loyal, loving, forgiving but with strong opinions on style, business, art, culture and life in general. Her lust for music and travelling is insatiable being equally at ease in either Paris or Rome. Consciously picking the pieces that help grow IVY & LIV. A designer, a businesswoman and a girl that loves to fight for her dreams. Or, as IVY puts it; ‘No one is just one person. You can transform into whatever you desire’.

Liv is the kind of woman you could describe as ‘in her own world’ but, unlike most dreamers she’s perfectly capable of letting you know what ‘her own world is’. Easygoing when you get her hyper creative mind but determined when you don’t. Like a butterfly that might use the wind to go places but, will fiercely go against it if her heart tells her to. Liv doesn’t like new experiences, no she’s addicted to them. It’s what makes her tick! You never know where she really is until she decides to tell you. Surprisingly enough, underneath all that ‘I want it all’ mentality hides a very focused designer. She’s unmistakenly talented but needs Ivy to keep her grounded. If not, Liv could wander of into a world where designing is too much fun to ever be finished. That’s how much she loves to create. Or, as LIV puts it; ‘A design is not good when it’s finished. It’s finished when it’s perfect’.

Every IVY & LIV item is a fusion of the best of these two contrasting and remarkable characters. Any of which could be you. Or maybe even both?


The products

Every Ivy&Liv item is a sincere and loving gift to yourself or someone that means the world to you. Especially when you realize that a piece of jewelry might be the smallest item in your wardrobe, it is always the most telling one.

IVY&LIV Timetraveller

IVY&LIV Time Traveller Cuff Silver, €449


IVY&LIV Surfer Ring, €189


IVY&LIV Fireflies Earring Spike Large, €195


IVY&LIV, Grace Earrings Set, €95


Where to buy

You can buy Ivy&Liv in offline stores in Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Den Haag, Maastricht, Oud-Beijerland, Sittard or you can order it in official online store.



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