Kokedama, himmeli, clean machines: creative plants from the Dutch makers

What do these fancy words really mean?

SPRING is knocking at your door! It’s finally the time for some fresh air, good habits, crispy bed sheets, spring cleaning (duh!) and inspiring interior decorating. Speaking about the last one, we know how to give your house that special touch of spring renaissance. Take a look at the creative plants from the Dutch makers and get yourself a brand new, 100% green buddy!

We Smell The Rain


We Smell The Rain Kokedama

WE SMELL THE RAIN Kokedama Tocan €45, Air Plant €28

From 2015 this Amsterdam-based company creates handcrafted greenery: Kokedama, air plants and stylish mini pots. All the unique pieces are made from the locally sourced materials and designed especially for the homes of city dwellers.

If you are wondering right now wtf what is Kokedama, be not afraid: untill the last week we had no idea also. Apparently, on the scale of 1 to 10 this gardening trend from Japan is a hot 10 (absolute must!). Basically, Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. Sometimes Kokedama is also called a ‘poor man’s bonsai’ (well, knowing the Dutch prices, it’s clearly not the case).

We Smell The Rain will provide you with a hand-crafted green friend and with the best-use care instructions as well. Take a look at the list of the stockists or purchase online in the official webstore (EU delivery is available).





Watering plants is a process designed for the truly committed and organized people. Creative and impulsive ones often find their dearest green friends dying in agony from thirst. Sounds familiar to you?

Fortunately, Pikaplant Jars are plants you never need to water. Each hand-picked specimen is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope, and continuously recycles the water and air inside. Pikaplant says that one of the original prototypes has been flourishing happily in its container for twelve months! Find you Pikaplant jar in the nearest store (available in several countries).

P.S. If you like the idea, check out the Flessengroen plants in the bottles also!

Draad Zaken


Draad Zaken

DRAAD ZAKEN Plants start from €4,85, DIY Himmeli from €11 per piece

Himmeli is a Finnish invention, originally made of straw and rope. Now the word is used to describe geometric hanging mobiles that can accommodate your plants perfectly!

Draad Zaken offers you a range of solutions: from the DIY himmeli to a choice of different plants. Choose a shape you like and add a plant from Tillandsia Bromeliad family. No worries, it’s easy to take care of: all the plants have no or hardly any roots, water and nutrients are absorbed through the scales on the leaves from the air. So-called air plants is also a perfect gift: you will be sure that the green friend will survive, he will survive, hey hey.

Order your DIY Himmeli online or find the nearest offline store (available in several countries).

Ogreen Clean Machines



OGREEN  Hero € 9,50

Probably, you already know that plants can purify the air in the room. But how to measure this ability exactly? Ogreen plants are scientifically tested for their air-purifying properties. The unique properties of each plant have been measured and recorded. So, for example, Ogreen Hero on a picture above can give you 23 m2 of clean air. Packaging is sustainable and fully biodegradable, which is also good for the environment and our planet. Sounds like a good new friend you can be proud of.

You can order Ogreen plants online or pick it up in one of the offline stores.

Green hotspots of Amsterdam

These places are worth visiting if you look for a plant of your dream.

De balkonie


De Balkonie

De Balkonie, Jan Evertsenstraat 90, 1056 EG Amsterdam

Specialized store in Amsterdam West with a wide range of outdoor plants and everything to pimp up your balcony or terrace. Get ready for the summer!

Wildernis Amsterdam


Wildernis Amsterdam

Wildernis, Bilderdijkstraat 165 F, 1053 KP Amsterdam

This new jungle-style concept store in Amsterdam Oud-West offers a whole variety of options: choose a plant for the soul, grab a cup of coffee or tea, join one of amazing workshops about plants, wildlife and urban gardening. Wildernis is a definitely a place to hang out with a book or find the inner peace when you are still in the city surrounding.




Popinn Park, Middenweg 20, 1097 BM Amsterdam

This brand-new spot in Amsterdam Oost looks like paradise: green round wall (you can roll on it!), the campfire, the grass to walk barefoot, the swings, a lot of plants and singing of the birds around. So what about the plants? Plenty of them: from local artists, brands like Greennest Gallery and even places like Hortus VU, but you can’t buy it here directly. PopinnPark is more like an inspiration source, a gallery or an exhibition space, where the workshops and lectures about urban farming and sustainability will take place. Check the website for upcoming events and pop in!

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