Exotic Çaj Mali (mountain tea) from Albania.

Website lemon-poppy.com
City of origin Amsterdam
Established 2015
Founders Edvina Erebara
Category tea

Behind the scenes

Lemon Poppy caj mali mountain tea from Albania | Authentic Dutch Brands

Drinking Çaj Mali is a true Albanian family tradition: as a winter treat with some honey and lemon or to give a health boost when feeling fluish

Çaj Mali, pronounced as [ts-jai mali], is Albanian for ‘mountain tea’. The idea to bring it to the Netherlands belongs to Edvina Erebara, founder of Lemon Poppy:

— It is a gorgeous herbal tea used to support health for thousands of years. This is what my grandparents used to say proudly of this tea and its healthy qualities. Moving to study in The Netherlands and bringing Çaj Mali along is where drinking it daily became a thing. It signed the start of a journey: of experimenting with different taste combinations. Of experimenting with different cooking times. Visiting the mountain sides where Çaj Mali grows and talking to the locals, who taught on how to recognise Çaj Mali qualities and its colour formation. Experimenting with the drying process and tasting all kinds of tea. This journey helped to form ideas, taste preferences and quality requirements for Çaj Mali by Lemon Poppy: a tea that is so pure, fresh and sturdy at the same time, it will truly warm your heart, tummy and soul!


Meet the founder:

Interview with Edvina Erebara  

from Lemon Poppy

Meet the founder: Edvina Erebara from Lemon Poppy | Interview | Authentic Dutch Brands

Lemon Poppy stands for healthy, inspired creativity, happiness, next generation, free thinking and joy in life. It offers the best products and picks, straight from the origin, pure and original taste, fairly traded. What is the goal? To put a smile on your face, to promote products worth trying and seeing, to spread a positive message of life.

The products

Çaj Mali is an exclusive full body, flower and leaf tea. It grows on mountain sides at 1500 meters along the Mediterranean coastline and is carefully hand picked by the villagers of the area.

Lemon Poppy caj mali mountain tea from Albania | Authentic Dutch Brands

All the antioxidant and mineral qualities are preserved at their best

The tea is 100% organic, caffeine free, rich of iron and full of antioxidants. The tea twigs are carefully hand-picked during early summer and early autumn. The drying process of Çaj Mali takes only a couple of days: the tea twigs dry on their own and as they turn a bit lighter the drying process is completed.

The tea is bought directly from the farmers who earn a fair share of the price. It has been cut by hand and packed in special eco friendly packages also by hand. No machine production, no processing, no additives and no tea bags are used. Wrapped in an eco friendly recyclable package and causing zero waste, this tea is offered in it’s most pure form!

  • LEMON POPPY Çai Mali mountain tea, 30 cups, €14,95
    LEMON POPPY Çai Mali mountain tea, 30 cups, €14,95

Where to buy

Order Lemon Poppy tea in official online store or find it in the cafes and concept stores offline.




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