LET’S TRY! Granny’s Finest

The perfect beanie, knitted by Dutch granny.

One of the first brands I wanted to share with you really, really badly, was Granny’s Finest. I remember the moment when I told my friend Yulie about Authentic Dutch Brands concept, and she immediately responded: ‘Wow, great! Do you know about Granny’s Finest?’. Even though I had no idea then, for a really short time this brand became one of my favorite. And I use my every chance to spread the word about this absolutely brilliant social enterprise from Rotterdam.

You can read the full story in Granny’s Finest brand page, but it doesn’t cost me much to tell it shortly. Knowing about the problem of lonely elder people, Niek van Hengel and Jip Pulles came up with idea how to help grannies to socialize and feel useful again. They started to organize special clubs where grannies could meet, chat and knit, and the fruits of their joyful work were sold to the happy customers. These clubs provide tea and entertainment, knitting materials and even designs from contemporary designers. As the result – everybody is happy, and brand gets its profit creating a real value to the world.


I don’t really know why, but social initiatives for elderly people touch me more than everything else. So I really couldn’t wait to make order on Granny’s finest site and see this business in action.

For starters, I had to decide from variety of products: beanies, mittens, scarves and headbands. People keep saying, that winter is coming, so I’ve picked a woollen beanie hat with a pompon.

The parcel arrived next day, shipping didn’t cost me anything. So I opened the box and got this: the hat and the magazine.


Granny’s Finest beanie hat with pompon, € 44,95, and Granny’s Finest magazine (free)

As soon as I got this soft beanie in my hands, I ran outdoors to make some photos. Lookbook photos influenced me in a way, so I was looking for a nature spot on the background. I honestly wanted to be somewhere in the woods in a nice cabin with a fireplace, but apparently it’s hard to find spot like this in the heart of Amsterdam.


6The second thing that made me super happy, besides the hat, was the opportunity to say thank you to the granny that made my hat.

Granny’s Finest provides a free service ‘Thank your granny’, so you can send a postcard with your photo in product and some warm words. With your order you get a coupon with unique code to use the service. On the same paper you can find a name of your granny and warm notice from her (in my case Margreet Plooij wrote ‘Veel warmte’).


I will definitely recommend Granny’s Finest goods for everybody who wants to feel warm this winter. And by warm I also mean warmth in the heart. The beanie hat or mittens can be the excellent gifts for Christmas and New Year, and I hold myself back from buying the scarves and the hats to all my family. Hold on, Mary, there is so much to explore!



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