Artisan perfumes inspired by light, nature, art.

Established 2004
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Mona di Orio and Jeroen Oude Sogtoen
Category perfumes

Behind the scenes

Founded in 2004, Maison Mona di Orio was created by the perfumer, Mona di Orio, and designer, Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, as a union of their mutual love of art and artisanal craftsmanship. Mona trained in classical perfumery for ten years alongside world-renowned perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. She constructed fragrances as a composer, playing on harmonies and melodies that develop with skin.

Her characteristic style is a journey of light and dark elements with lively, sparkling notes that recall the joyous moment of opening a bottle of champagne, layered with dark, seductive nuances and mysterious pleasures. 

The products

Maison Mona di Orio fragrances are recognizable for their distinctive sillage and characteristic style. Nature, light and art influence each of the perfumes. Moda di Orio offers 3 vibrant collections:

Signature (Lux, Nuit Noire perfumes), Monogram (Myrrh Casati perfume) and Les Nombres d’Or (Eau Absolue, Vétyver, Cuir, Musc, Ambre, Vanille, Tubéreuse, Rose Étoile de Hollande, Violette Fumée, Oudh Osmanthus perfumes).


MONA DI ORIO Ambre perfume 75 ml, €140 / Eau Absolue perfume 75 ml, €140

Where to buy

You can find Mona di Orio in offline stores in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Enschede, Rotterdam, Oisterwijk, Ijsselstein or you can order it in official online store.

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