Quality craft beers of all kinds from Amsterdam makers.
Website oedipus.com
Established 2013
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Alex Mager, Paul Brouwer, Sander Nederveen and Rick Nelson
Category beer

Behind the scenes

Oedipus Brewing actually traces its origins to when its founders Alex, Paul, Sander and Rick were working in other renowned beer bars.

After attending many Dutch festivals, sipping the way through festivals abroad friends started to explore the beer production deeper. Their love of beer, and exposure to a variety of alternative taste sensations, motived them to become a part of a beer community.

Like most amateurs they began by homebrewing in own kitchens. Yet friends were serious from the start: experimenting with a variety of ingredients and carefully logging the recipes and results. Every week  they brewed a different recipe and then split these batches between different fermenters. This taught them heaps about ingredients, styles, fermentation and brewing methods.


Brewing a ton of beer varieties meant friends had enough to save and then share at all kinds of events. Since the beginning, they have pro-actively sought out art and music festivals, food markets and even organized their own events to share the brews.

And in 2013 it was a right time to start a real brewery! As it often happens nowadays, crowdfinding helped to start a new promising business. In just 1.5 months Oedipus team raised a staggering €100.000 from 266 investors!

In early 2015, friends found their latest home in a 900m2 building in Amsterdam Noord. Today you can also come there for a beer tasting in the taproom!

The products

Oedipus offers it’s 8 classic versions (like well-known Mama or Mannen Liefde) and seasonal or experimental beers. Almost every week they make a new beer to discover new flavors in the beer universe.

Oedipus beers

OEDIPUS Slomo session saison 3.5%, Salty Dick gose 4%,Panty stout 6%, Mannenliefde saison 6%, Mama pale ale 5%

The price varies from €2,45-€2,99.

Where to buy

You can find Oedipus beers in Amsterdam bars and restaurants.

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