Handmade cosmetics for beard from Utrecht enthusiast.

Website onsmannen.com
Established 2014
City of origin Utrecht
Owner Thom de Bruin
Category men’s care

Behind the scenes

Do you know this feeling when you wash your beard and it smells like roses or strawberry after? The founder of OnsMannen was also tired of this and stepped in to create a specialized cosmetics for real men.


This is what he says:

‘I was tired of the fact that after showering my beard smelled like peach and apricot. So I started to mix, try and test by myself and on myself. After a number of years used to have my own handmade products, and after much persuasion from friends I’ve finally decided to sell my “creations”. This meant that I had to learn everything: building a webstore, designing the labels, taking photos of products etc. It all might be not completely perfect … but it is all made with love, attention and enthusiasm! OnsMannen should be more than a shop, it must also be a kind of digital mancave!’


All the products are hand made with the finest oils, soap and, of course, some secret ingredients. Good products for a fair price.

As slogan says,
No bullshit, just good products. For us … men!*

*Or for girlfriends of real men, who take care of real men’s beards.


The products

Artisanal products for men: beard oil, shaving oil, conditioning soap. Natural ingredients with no chemical additives. No shiny labels. No flowers or sweet scents.


ONSMANNEN Conditioning Soap 250 ml, €19,95 / Beard Oil Timber 30 ml, €16,95 / Shaving Oil 50 ml, €24,95

Where to buy

You can buy OnsMannen in specialized online stores.

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