Handmade bracelets from Amsterdam for real adventurers.

Website pigandhen.nl
Established 2013
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Dominic Bakker and Rutger Versluis
Category men’s accessories

Behind the scenes

In the early 1600’s the Dutch were the leading nation sailing out to unknown parts of the world, with the biggest naval fleet the world had ever seen. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands, different ways of life but also ran into some big obstacles along the way.
To protect themselves against bad luck the men had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their feet. It was believed it gave the sailors the ability to survive when they had to abandon ship.

PIG&HENThe sailors felt they would be able to find land, just like the Pig and Hen who were kept in wooden crates and thus floated, and would let the tide bring them home. Once the unlucky souls were in the water, the creator would look down upon the creatures and would save anyone who couldn’t swim or didn’t like water.


This is what Pig&Hen team says about the concept:

‘We live life on the edge and love doing it with passion. We swim with sharks, throw down in the mud, sail across oceans and drink a bit too much, but that’s just us. Whatever our thrills are, we live that day-to-day life and in the end we always want to find our way back home, to our loved ones.

We have created Pig&Hen to help us find that way…Our bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam, by using authentic ship rope we carry on the Dutch legacy. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face. Pig&Hen – stronger than steel’.

The products

All the products are handmade and produced in Amsterdam Noord.

PIG&HEN Gorgeous George

PIG&HEN Gorgeous George, €54,95

PIG&HEN Fat Fred

PIG&HEN Fat Fred, €54,95


PIG&HEN Rum Ron, €59,95

PIG&HEN Salty Steve

PIG&HEN Salty Steve, €49,95

Where to buy

You can find Pig&Hen in offline stores in almost every city in the Netherlands or you can order it in official online store.



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