Remarkable Magazine: Live Better. Harm Less.

How Amsterdam-based magazine helps to formulate NYresolutions.

While strolling around the city and evaluating this remarkable year I tried to formulate strong New Year resolutions for the next one. Speaking in present time, of course, as if it’s already started:

‘I take the most from what I get, no matter if it’s a connection I make, or trip I take, or exercise I do, or book I buy’. Drowning in the endless flow of consumption, I felt exhausted. Especially because of getting more and more items, instead of getting more knowledge, fun and meaning from items I already have.

Just in that same moment, on the ground floor of Hutspot I stumbled upon a shelf with a magazine, all shiny and brand new. I looked at the cover girl with the wind blowing her hair, and said to myself:
‘No way. Another item? Again?’

But something in there definitely spoke to me. Firstly, the magazine was created by Amsterdam-based team. Secondly, the slogan said: ‘Live better. Harm less’. And finally, the promising content aimed to help me in ‘making simple, graceful and thoughtful choices’. This magazine was Remarkable.

Remarkable Magazine

To be honest, I have a thing for crowdfunding-based  success stories. And Remarkable is one of them, take a look at their Kickstarter campaign. With the help of 187 backers they’ve collected €30,675 for creating ‘a digital gallery, magazine and marketplace showcasing remarkable humans doing and making remarkable things to help people live better and harm less’. Guided conscious living? Sounds good!

In every issue Remarkable magazine focuses on a specific topic, and for now there are 2 printed issues – Power and Move. As you know, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, so does Remarkable team appreciate the diversity: New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Colombia – it’s not the full list of countries where the team members came from!

All together they collaborate to inspire and give answers to people, who want to live better and harm less. And even though conscious living becomes more and more trendy, there is not so many sources where you could get ideas, how-to’s and food for thought around this topic. So Remarkable became one of them.

Remarkable Magazine

Do you remember that blessed times of your childhood when you read the book from cover to cover, not missing any single letter? That was it! I even started to highlight some quotes (it only happens when I’m really hooked on something).

So I spent the whole day with Remarkable. This edition is full of suggestions, thoughts and conversation starters on every aspect of move. How to travel and move from A to B smarter? Where to relax and recharge? How to move slower? What is slow and planet-friendly fashion? How to be an Unfucker? How to reconnect with your body and to give it proper dose of moving? For sure you won’t get the easy answers, but at list you’ll become aware of what is important and get the ideas where and how to start.

I find the most of inspiration in people, so for me it was a pure joy to read the interviews. Assaf Biderman from Copenhagen Wheel, Blake Mycoskie from TOMS, Marieke Vinck and Charlotte Van Waes from Charlie+Mary, Sarah Britton from My New Roots – all together they once again reminded me what really matters. Just a tiny little move, the change you make in yourself today will make the difference.

Remarkable Magazine with c1 preset

This is actually how Remarkable got me, with an idea mentioned in the editor’s letter, that big leaps (real progress) doesn’t happen overnight, shifts happen thanks to lots of tiny movements. Even though this year I made quite a lot of big moves (like finishing business school, moving to Amsterdam and launching Authentic Dutch Brands), now I started to appreciate small, but meaningful changes. Like sharing positive feedback – I will tell more below.

What about my moves?

Sharing positive feedback changes the quality of my year tremendously. It’s very simple: if you like or appreciate stuff other people do, you say it to them directly – just that simple. It can be a blog post that made your day, or a Ted talk that changed the way you think, or a song street musician sang on your way to the office – if you like something created with another human being, just reach out to him and encourage him to continue with your positive feedback. It could be a long email, or short comment, or a small talk in a coffee place – there is no rules how to make it right.

The only thing that matters is to encourage and inspire people to move on with a good stuff they do. We all have these down moments and doubts when we need support and appreciation. Your positive feedback can make a difference – this year it was proven too me so many times! Who inspires you? Who makes you think, or smile, or cry with laughter? Share with them how they affect you. Fill their day with good vibes! I smile even when I start giving positive feedback, so I guess it works for both sides. Try it right now: New Year is a good time to remind people that they are remarkable.

Remarkable Magazine

This magazine came into my hands for a reason. It helped me to formulate my personal…

New Year resolutions

  • I take the most from what I get, no matter if it’s a connection I make, or trip I take, or exercise I do, or magazine I buy.
  • I see and reveal more beauty in the world around me. I share it with others.
  • I live every day like a little adventure, making it remarkable and special.
  • I’m in touch with my body and I give it a lot of attention, appreciation and exercise.
  • I’m conscious about my impact on the world, and I try to harm less and contribute more.

What was your biggest discovery of the year about tiny moves that matters? What are your New Year resolutions? I’m so curious to hear from you!

And if you read it, you should know: I’m glad you are here. Thank you so much!

Remarkable Magazine, €15

You can find it offline in concept stores like Hutspot Amsterdam, or in bookstores like Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, or you can also order it in official online store.

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