Cutting boards made from Amsterdam city trees.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Harm Spoelstra and Tom Marcelis
Category cutting boards

Behind the scenes

Stadsplank is a cutting board with a story, made from a felled city tree that grew on Amsterdam street or in the park. Instead of becoming a pile of wooden chips this old tree is now given a new life, in the form of Stadsplank cutting boards!


This is what the makers, Harm and Tom, say:

‘Every city resident can have a keepsake made out of the wood from his own neighborhood, which is given a second life in the kitchen. Isn’t that beautiful? It is sustainable reuse of material that is already available in the city. It is amazing to be able to work with wood that holds meaning for so many people.

Our cutting boards are made from felled city trees, and with them we support the principle of a ‘circular city’, a city where we use our resources, energy and waste in a smarter and more efficient manner’.

On average one tree trunk provides between 50 and 100 cutting boards. All of them are handmade in Stadsplank workshop in Amsterdam West.

The products

Each cutting board is engraved with the tree’s exact location and species name in memory of the tree that this cutting board once was. Via a QR code on the cutting board you can find more information and the exact location where your tree once stood.


STADSPLANK  Elm Wood Stadionweg 17×25cm, €35
STADSPLANK Ash Tree Amsterdamse Bos 20×30, €45

STADSPLANK Cutting board and oil

STADSPLANK Hornbeen Cutting Block 30×50, €195
STADSPLANK Grapeseed oil, 75 ml, €8,95

To ensure that your cutting board stays beautiful, it is wise to oil the board from time to time. Stadsplank recommends using grape seed oil every 3 weeks to ensure the board has a long life.

Where to buy

You can order the cutting boards in official online store.



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