Amsterdam based coffee roastery and coffee academy.

Established 2014
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Onno van Zanten and Florian Hessel
Category coffee, education

Behind the scenes

Onno and Florian live for fine coffees. Green coffee beans contain a wide range of flavors: they can have chocolate tones, a sweet fruity flavor and/or a fresh orange acidity when roasted. Stooker’s goal is to let you taste those amazing flavor characteristics, to let you experience all the diversity a green coffee bean contains:

‘You can find all of this goodness in your cup if the green bean is developed as good as possible during the roasting process. In addition, a good extraction during the coffee making process is of great importance for the preparation of a really good cup of coffee. A healthy dose of interest in the product in combination with the proper training and education are essential to make you master this extraction.


Onno van Zanten and Florian Hessel @ Stooker Roasting Company in Amsterdam

That’s why we started our SCAE certified Stooker Coffee Academy shortly after opening our roastery, available in different levels and suitable for professionals and consumers. We deliver our beans, advice and training to hospitality businesses, so that you can enjoy great coffee too at your favorite hang-out. We also offer our beans through selected retailers and through our webshop for all the home baristas across the globe’.

The products

Coffee is classified/collected in three ways. A Single Origin contains beans from different farmers in one country. A Single Estate contains beans from one particular farm. A Micro Lot contains beans from a specific part of a farm.

Stooker Coffee Amsterdam

Stooker Coffee and supplies

The range of Single coffees regularly changes because Stooker only works with fresh harvests. Different numbers correspond with the flavors and tones in the coffee. Enjoying that coffee with the number ‘4’ on the package? Then chances are you will love a different coffee with the same number as well. Looking for a totally different flavor, then choose a number you haven’t tried yet: 1 – round, medium-bodied, layered and balanced 4 – strong, sweet, chocolate, medium to full-bodied 5 – floral, fresh, sweet, medium body 6 – red fruit, sweet, light to medium body 7 – dark fruit, full sweet, medium body.

Where to buy

You can order Stooker coffee online in it’s official webshop or you can find it offline: in stores like All The Luck In The World or specialty coffee bars like Back To Black.



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