Unique miniature stories on traditional Dutch styles.

Established 2013
City of origin Amsterdam
Founders Marga van Oers and Judith Beek
Category home accessories

Behind the scenes

StoryTiles is a Dutch based company that creates miniature stories on unique tiles. The tiles are designed with love and eye for detail by Marga van Oers.

Probably you know those traditional Dutch tiles, which are already being made since the 16th century. Amsterdam artist Marga van Oers gives the old tile style a new life with her unique, detailed and humorous collages. And each tile tells its own story!

The products

All the artist’s goods and produced in the Netherlands, modern tiles are baked in a traditional way.

The collection is divided in two series, purely Dutch and modern. Besides its fixed collection, StoryTiles also delivers on demand; a personal gift, a wedding or birth tile, a limited edition as a promotional gift or for a museum – you name it, StoryTiles creates it.

STORY TILESSTORY TILES Mondriaan 2 tile / Swimming tile


STORY TILES Pineapple King tile

STORY TILESSTORY TILES Llama Love tile / Sleepy Lion tile

STORY TILESSTORY TILES Diving tile / Floating tile

The price depends on the size of the chosen tile.

10×10 cm, €25
13×13 cm, €45
20×20 cm, €75

Where to buy

You can buy StoryTiles in several offline stores in the Netherlands or you can order it in official online store.

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