The Stillery Amsterdam

Dutch dinkle wheat vodka made below sea level.

City of origin Amsterdam
Established 2015
Founders Pascal Peeters & Robin Karels
Category spirits

Behind the scenes

The Stillery | Authentic Dutch Brands

This story, like many others, started out in the attic and was fuelled by a dose of good old human curiosity. This curiosity turned into a hobby and finally a passion of the founders. Robin and Pascal are true believers in the scientific method, especially when it comes to spirits. They’ve studied the ancient art of distilling for the past 6 years:

‘We tried every distilling method in the book and many, many more. We tried different recipes, we’ve experimented with un-malted wheat, oats and rye and all sorts of mixtures. We also tried different kinds of yeasts. All this experimenting with fermenting yielded a variety of tastes from white chocolate tones to hints of marinated olives, but also tastes that have not yet been coined by humanity. This is where we discovered that it’s not the distillation but the process that precedes it, the fermentation, where the true taste is created!

We were invited to distilleries throughout the country and we’ve met many very experienced and spirited master distillers. At every distillery we visited we found another piece of the puzzle. A puzzle that when complete would give us the tools to realise our dream of opening our very own distillery here in Amsterdam. We now craft our batch distilled vodka at distillery ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’, and we are proud to present our very own and finest vodka yet, The Stillery’s First’.

The products

The Stillery’s First is a dinkle wheat vodka. Dinkle wheat is a funny word for spelt, a type of wheat which dates back to ancient times. When mashed, fermented and distilled it produces unique tones of marzipan and white chocolate. Because of the clean and pleasant nature of The Stillery’s First, it doesn’t require any ice and can be enjoyed neat.

It is a Dutch vodka, which means it was made below sea-level. In the Netherlands the first line of defence against the North Sea are the dunes, and the same dunes are used to purify the water. The Stillery uses this ‘dune water’ to craft their spirits: they believe it is Europe’s finest water which has the softest mouth-feel.

Due to its malty flavours The Stillery’s First really holds its own in a broad selection cocktails especially Martini inspired drinks. The characteristic dinklewheat taste is best enhanced in bitter and subtle sweet or boozy cocktails to which team dedicates a whole page on the website.

The Stillery | Authentic Dutch Brands

THE STILLERY Spelt vodka 70cl, €37,50

Where to buy

You can find The Stillery First in several liquor stores in Germany and Netherlands or you can order it online (delivered to Belgium, Germany and Netherlands only).



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