Exclusive handcrafted stainless steel bicycles from Arnhem.

City of origin Arnhem
Founders Herman van Hulsteijn
Category bikes

Behind the scenes

Rapid, effective and beautiful — or steel awesomeness on wheels — these bikes are truly one of a kind. Brand is founded by Herman van Hulsteijn, who designed first Vanhulsteijn item out of his personal need of having a fast yet spectacular bike to roam the city.

VANHULSTEIJN Bikes | Authentic Dutch Brands

The products

The handcrafted bikes are made for performance as well as for making you look good. The first thing that you notice is an outstanding shape of bike frame. It’s very rigid and stiff and does not wobble or sway. Actually, Vanhulsteijn is one of only a few factories that actually make bikeframes in Holland. If you would like to visit the factory in Arnhem, you are welcomed to come by every Saturday — doors are open from 10am to 5 pm.

Prices start from from €2800 for Premium bike, Topline custom bikes price is on request.
  • VANHULSTEIJN Custom Bike
    VANHULSTEIJN Custom Bike

Where to buy

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