Simple, clean and affordable bikes from Amsterdam.

Established 2013
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Ferry Zonder
Category bikes

Behind the scenes

Veloretti Bikes | Authentic Dutch Brands

Veloretti is a small and independent bicycle brand based in the historic city centre of Amsterdam. The company is founded by a couple of enthusiasts with a passion for design and retro bikes. They made it happen: bikes with a great clean design, not mass-produced but still affordable.

This is what the team says about the concept:

‘In Holland there are more bicycles than citizens. Everywhere you look you see bicycles, but it’s still difficult to find the perfect one. Some didn’t have that ultimate riding experience, the other was just plain ugly, or too common, a mass product or the maintenance of the bicycle was just too difficult. And when we did come across something we liked, it was ridiculously overpriced. So we thought we can do this better. That’s why we started making them ourselves: simple, clean, affordable’.

The products

Amsterdam-based brand offers great modern bikes, a bit of bike accessories and stylish bikes for kids.

  • VELORETTI Caféracer Jet Black bike, from €369
    VELORETTI Caféracer Jet Black bike, from €369

You can order the bikes in official online store, or you can take a look at their awesome bikes at Veloretti office in Amsterdam.

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